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This wiki was made to help people in Studies or Homework. Add as much information as you can to help build this wiki. Don't forget to celebrate this wiki's birthday every year on March the 2nd. There is now a NO TOLERANCE rule for Harassment. Due to an Incident with a user who's name I will NOT mention, Harassment will lead to an instant BLOCK for the appropriate amount of time. Thanks and Enjoy!

What we are about!

I (Tsoru M) made this wiki to help People struggling with History. People may also view this to learn or to be entertained. Just remember that the information on this wiki will not be 100% accurate. You will need to read these Rules and regulations before doing anything on this wiki. If you want to know about the admins see the Admins page. Announcements are made on the Forums.

How to start editing

This is a short guide to help you start editing. Mostly easy, though all sources of information used HAVE TO BE PUT IN THE BIBLIOGRAPHY AT ALL TIMES. I cannot make that any clearer. Also, state if the source/s used are PRIMARY or SECONDARY. A PRIMARY source is a source that was made during the time that you are studying or by someone who experienced it. For example, a WW1 Soldier's journal would be a PRIMARY SOURCE, even Clothing counts as a PRIMARY source. A SECONDARY source is a source that was not made during the time, by someone who heard about it etc etc. A SECONDARY source would be a Textbook. This bibliography is added at the very bottom of the page.

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